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Camp ministries for disadvantaged and at risk kids are our main purpose. We work with different camp ground around Australia to run camps effectively for these kids.

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There are a number of projects that we raise support for here at Unnamed Ministries. Please take a look and consider supporting us to further our cause.

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Youth and Leadership training plays an important role in furthering our main purpose here at Unnamed Ministries, which is to provide camps for disadvantaged and at risk kids.

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U n n a m e d M i n i st r i e s?

ACTS 4:12

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other name under heaven given among men, by which we must be saved”

Let’s put it simply. Humans are not God. Although we may adore sports stars and famous people, they will all let us down. Every day we hear about scandals and affairs in the lives of celebrities. Often we hear about drugs, drinking, etc, in the lives of athletes, and all too often we use those very people as role models in our lives.

Role models are important in life, but we need to make sure we are modelling the right person. Here at Unnamed Ministries, we believe that Jesus is the only one whom we should be following. Sure, it’s great to have other role models in our lives, but people are not perfect, at some stage they will let us down or lead us astray. You must build a strong foundation before building a house. So too, with role models, it is important to have Jesus as the foundation and then build our other relationships and role models based on Him.

Because Jesus is our role model, it is important to follow his commands, including to make disciples and not cause any children to stumble. So how do we do it? Here at Unnamed Ministries we do this by running kids camps, making Bible studies, and other projects.


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