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We believe that community involvement is more important than one person doing everything. Although there may only be a few people working here full time, Unnamed Ministries is actually made up of many people working together around Australia.

There are many ways to help out, you don't just need to be working here to be a part of the ministry. Above all though, we would appreciate your prayer. Prayer is a vital part of any ministry and the good news is that anyone can pray, regardless of where they are and what they have.

Listed below are the three ways to help, plus a number of projects we need donations for to get our ministries up an running. Prayerful consideration of these projects would be greatly appreciated.


Prayer is the most important part of the ministry. We would greatly appreciate your prayer, even more than you giving or going. If you would like to pray for us then please subscribe to our newsletter to receive prayer needs.

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Because a lot of our ministry revolves around disadvantaged kids we do not get much financial support from the parents. A number of kids who come along don't even have basic hygiene supplies. Your donations help keep our ministries running. Please prayerfully consider our projects below and see if you can help out. Alternatively General Donations to be used where needed most are greatly appreciated.

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Many of our camps need leaders and counselors. We need Christians who are willing to give up a week of their time to spend with these kids and to teach them about God. Have no experience? Don't worry, we also provide leadership training to equip you with the skills needed to lead at camp.

There are many other ways to help out too, any volunteers are greatly appreciated.

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Because most of our campers come from disadvantaged or troubled backgrounds, their parents cannot afford to send them to camp. We are looking for churches, organisations, and individuals to sponsor campers.

A lot of our leaders are students and cannot afford to pay for camp, so to make camp affordable for them we are looking for churches and Christians to sponsor them.

Donations in this category go towards both campers and leaders for all camps that we run, as it's no use having sponsors for 100 troubled kids and no leaders. If you wish to sponsor a specific camp or type of person then please contact us to see what we can arrange.

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To sponsor a team member please click the PayPal donation button below or contact us to find out more ways to support our team.



Bibles and other ministry tools play an important role in achieving our purpose. They are a way to continue to help and build up disadvantaged and troubled kids beyond camp. Although camp may only last a week or a weekend, by giving kids a Bible pack they have something they can take home with them which they can read in the following weeks, months, and even years.

Bible packs contain not only a Bible but also answers to important questions, ways to deal with life's issues, encouragements, and devotionals, along with links to websites and apps that can help them.

Please consider donating so that we can continue this part of the ministry.

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Give a kid a Bible.
Just $10 sponsors a Bible for a camper.



General donations play a vital part to this ministry. We don't run for a profit and are here to benefit the public in need, not to build an organisation. Therefore we charge as little as we can, unfortunately there are many costs involved in running this ministry.

Your donation will be used where needed most to help disadvantaged and troubled kids, whether that is going towards sponsoring a camper, paying for a Bible pack, buying equipment to make camp better, paying for fuel so that we can reach areas all across Australia, advertising to raise awareness and get more sponsors, or wherever else is needed.

Be assured that your donation will be used to further our purpose and if you have any concerns then please contact us.

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To sponsor a team member please click the PayPal donation button below or contact us to find out more ways to support our team.




Whether it is application forms, programs, workbooks, devotional booklets, or flyers, it all needs to be printed.

To be able to run this ministry effectively, we are looking at buying a Multifunction printer to suit our printing needs.

OFFICE Headquaters

To be able to handle all the paperwork properly and store all our supplies we need an office. Donations are greatly appreciated, or if you have a spare shipping container or demountable building that you are willing to give us then please contact us.