We get it! Sometimes life's situations are just out of our control. Maybe you've been affected by drought or another natural disaster, or perhaps there's been an incident in the family that's taken up too much time and money.

You may be a single parent and don't earn enough to send your kids on camp, or you could be married and in the same situation.

If you can't afford camp fees but still want to send your child on camp then please apply now to see if we can help.


We understand you may not like handouts which is why we have different levels of sponsorships, including an interest free sponsorship that you can repay when you get the finances.


Our future depends on today's youth.

Mental health is a rising issue facing youth today. Research "found that those suffering from higher levels of anxiety were less anxious and more resilient after school camp. Furthermore, OYPRA’s research found that students benefited from improved confidence after attending camp, particularly their self-efficacy: belief in their ability to achieve goals." - https://oypra.org.au/2018/10/media-release-research-shows-aussie-camps-boost-mental-health/

Many parents cannot afford to send their kids on camp due to circumstances outside of their control (such as the drought, bushfires, or other natural disasters) and with your help we want to make camp affordable for everyone regardless of their circumstances.

The fine print.

Applications are assessed as a case by case basis, approval is for a one off application and does not mean future applications will be approved.

Approval is at Unnamed Ministries discretion and is dependent on criteria and funds available.

Please only submit one application per child per camp. If your application is denied then we will place the application on our 'wait list' and if circumstances change on our end then we will re-evaluate the application.



The fund to provide sponsorships for underprivileged youth.


Providing sponsorships for underprivileged youth


Sponsoring youth to attend a Bible based respite care camp of their choice


Sponsorships are not just limited to one camp or ogranisation


All camps are Bible based with a Gospel message presented.

How it works

  1.     Money comes into the fund through your generous donations.
  2.     Campgrounds, ministries, churches, and even you promote the availability of the fund to underprivileged youth.
  3.     Youth apply for sponsorship for a camp of their choice.
  4.     We assess the application and whether the youth and camp fit the criteria and provide sponsorship directly to the camp organiser if approved.

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