Camps need people to run them! Here at Unnamed Ministries we cannot run every camp by ourselves, rather we want to support others in running camps.


However we understand that most people may have no experience running and leading camps. Because of this, we want to provide resources to equip everyday people so that they can lead and run camps.

Camp Management Training

We provide training and resources for you to set up and coordinate your own camp.

Leadership Resources

Manuals, videos, workbooks! We provide a range of resources that you can study in your own time so that you are better equipped as a leader.

Or if you manage a camp you can even use these resources to train your leaders.

Leadership Training Conference

We even run conferences at camps where you can come along for the weekend and learn more about being a Christ Centred Relational Leader.

Or if you have a whole bunch of people you want trained, we can see about sending one of our trainers to your camp!

Camp Management Training

Coordinating and running camps can be a daunting task. Rather than struggling and creating your own tools, we can give you access to many of our tools and resources that we use to run camps. Please contact us to find out more.

Leadership Resources

Know nothing about being a leader? Don't worry, we have resources you can access to learn more about how to lead. We teach the Christ Centred Relational Leadership model, which is leadership based off Christian principles where leaders get alongside others rather than lording it over others, following the example set by Jesus.


Leadership Training Conference

Have a passion for working in youth ministry? Our leadership training conferences Are designed to equip people to help with leading not only at camps but also at church, school, work and even home. A leader isn't just a role, it is who you are.

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