About Us

Our Mission

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Spread the Name of Jesus

Following the focus of Acts 4:12, our core mission is to share the Name of Jesus with all peoples so that they may be saved.

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To create a better future

We believe that the Name of Jesus is not only beneficial for eternity but also here and now in the present time.

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Through Camp Ministry

This creates a new environment that is a safe place to help kids grow through their issues.

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For Underprivileged kids

Following the advice of James 1:27, our target audience for the ministry are kids and youth living in underprivileged situations to give them a future and a hope.


Our Approach

We take a different approach to ministry than the normal way. Rather than simply being a ministry organisation that runs kids camps, our approach is to connect churches to the community.

For a church to grow, it needs to invest in the community. We provide a way for churches to invest in their communities which benefits not just the kids who attend camp but also the community and church themselves.

We provide that link between church and community by providing opportunities for the church to invest in community events and camps.

Our Story

Our ministry was founded by one shy quiet person who decided to be a leader at a camp for disadvantaged kids.

Through this experience came the realisation that there are many kids around Australia who do not have the means to attend a camp or hear the Gospel and so Unnamed Ministries was born.


Our biggest passion is working with disadvantaged and troubled kids to give them a future and a hope. We believe that true religion is taking care of those who are not able to take care of themselves. Every child should be given the chance to have a normal childhood and our purpose is to help children and youth who cannot have a normal childhood due to circumstances outside of their control.

To further this vision, part of our ministry is training and equipping youth as servant leaders so that they are equipped to help others.

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Achieving the Vision

We can achieve this vision through Camp Ministry. Whether it is a whole week or just a weekend away at camp, camp ministry makes a huge impact in these kids lives.

This is an opportunity to spend quality time investing in kids lives, teaching them practical skills, respect, mateship, teamwork, courage, self-worth, and much more. Not only that, but this is an opportunity to both show and tell these kids about God’s love. Without camp ministry, many of these kids may never get the chance to hear about God.

Although camp may only last for less than a week, it can change the rest of their life. Camp teaches these kids important life skills that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn but most importantly, camp teaches them that they are loved and life has meaning, that they are not worthless and that they can make a positive impact on their community.

Applying the Vision

There are a number of camps that we run to help disadvantaged and troubled kids. Every one of our camps are specially designed to benefit the target audience and invest into their lives rather than simply give kids a holiday.

Because of the nature of these kids, most of their parents cannot afford to send their kids to camp, therefore we are working together with organisations and churches to make camp affordable for all families.

We also run Leadership Training Camps and internships to train and equip leaders to run these camps.

Many kids and families are not able to give up a whole week or weekend to attend camp, so we are also working on events and conferences to further our purpose.


Our Awesome Team

Meet the team who is working in different aspects of the ministry, to bring together this ministry.

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At the heart of our mission is the owner, God!

Board Profile


Our ministry is run under the direction of our parent charity, Pindari Life (www.pindarilife.org). This frees up a lot of the legislative burden and allows us to focus more on the ministry.

Staff Profile


Our staff form the structure of our ministry, whether it’s doing the administration work for a camp or being out on field, the staff keep the ministry going.

Our staff and team are managed by Matt Low, who has been involved with camp ministry for around 8 years, along with leading youth groups and other events. He has a passion for sharing the Name of Jesus and working with youth.

Volunteers Profile


Our ministry would not be possible without volunteers willing to be involved in the different aspects of the ministry. Whether it’s being a leader on a camp, promoting Unnamed Ministries, or helping out in the office, our volunteers are a part of our team.

This ministry is more than just the staff of Unnamed Ministries, it exists because of people all around Australia helping from their own homes.



Our Foundational Partners provide the support to keep the ministry going.

Next Steps…

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